Monday, April 7, 2014

"Hidungnya pas nih buat diginiin."

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Orang bilang menulis bisa menyembuhkan luka, 
mengurangi sakit, 
mengobati hati?
Apa manusia tidak merasa manja
ketika hanya bisa berdoa,
Ketika tak ada lagi yang mungkin dilakukan,
ketika takdir mengalahkan angan,
ketika adil-Nya memiliki arti yang tak serupa?
Haruskah hati ini mengalah,
memohon saja untuk dibuat mengerti,
sudahi semua jerih payah yang dipaksakan,
Atau haruskah tetap seperti ini,
terdiam dalam kebisingan,
tenggelam dalam pikiran?
Menebak kelemahan,
mengungkit-ungkit kesalahan,
mengobrak-abrik rancangan masa depan?
Harus diapakankah hati yang tak tenang, ya Tuhan?
Masa kini yang terasa buram,
dan masa depan yang menakutkan?
Bisakah jika kutinggal tidur saja,
dan siapa tahu saat bangun nanti,
semuanya sesuai harapan?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Just wanna say while I spit on your face - 
I fucking hate you and you better die. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ilmu Orientasi Angka

Ilmu orientasi angka ternyata sangat luas, ya. 

Bukan hanya tentang nilai rapot yang gak selalu berbanding lurus dengan ilmu yang didapat, tapi jauh lebih dari sekedar itu - seperti kebahagiaan seseorang yang gak selalu bisa dinilai dari banyaknya harta yang ia miliki, ukuran badan seseorang yang lebih besar angka timbangannya belum tentu lebih gemuk, atau sampai teori relativitas waktu.

Kalau bicara soal hati, bisa juga tentang besarnya rindu yang gak bisa dihitung pakai jarak yang memisahkan, bahagianya orang-orang yang gak bisa dihitung dengan seberapa lama mereka sudah bersama, atau tuanya umur sepasang kekasih yang belum tentu pernah merasakan apa yang muda-mudi sudah. Seringnya saling selisih yang gak selalu sebanding dengan besarnya benci dan banyaknya kata sayang yang gak selalu sebanding dengan cinta yang tersampaikan. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Why does opposite attraction even exist? Why do all these things have to be forced to match up when they're clearly upside down? Do we really have to prove that anything in this world could synchronize, that love will always find its way no matter what comes in between? I don't know what the deal is but I'm telling you - it's pretty fucking hard to do. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yes - you will spend 12 years studying at school, four years at college, and the rest of your life working...

But are we missing the moments that might take our breaths away - like standing at the end of the isle at our own wedding looking at our loved ones in the eyes swearing that you'll spend the rest of your lives together, or like going through house catalogs and taking trips looking for the best place to start a family, or even those struggles and fights that you won't mind going through just because there's him with you and you just know that in the end everything would be alright?

Are we missing those moments when we can finally figure out a lot of things in our lives like whether we would love our job or not, how our friends would turn out to be when they grow old, or even if our government is ever going to be good enough.. If there would be cure for cancer, would it be possible to take a honeymoon trip to Saturn..?

Are all these rocket-science kind of high school lessons going to be worth it, are things that matter to me now still would in the future? What would i think about myself at this exact time?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Cup of Coffee on A Sleepless Night

I don't know how you do it but to me, when i drink a cup of coffee to stay awake, i have something i'd sacrifice for. It could be a great movie, a homework, an interesting talk, a once-in-a-lifetime moment, or someone's presence. This is what i did tonight - i had a cup of coffee to get some chem and physics going on in my brain and they're not even due tomorrow. 

I've turned too far and for too long; i don't even remember how i did it. Although i know one thing - i did get so much out of the wrong turn. Maybe it's the people i meet, the sceneries, and the uphill and downhills. I always knew that once i'd turn, i'd never be able to turn around and go back on this one-way road. And after all, it comes down to this; you can't win both worlds.

Consequences are i have to fight and find the linking way to get what i missed and get on the right track to get out at the right exit i started my journey for - even if it makes me drink a cup of coffee every single night for the rest of the trip.