Saturday, June 26, 2010

20 things about the guy who really loves you

  1. he gets jealous even he doesn't mention it
  2. sometimes he acts like doesn't care but it shows that he wants us to be naggy
  3. he'll remember everything you talk about together
  4. he's not good with memorizing dates, like anniversary
  5. he doesn't care what's your hair style or what brand of clothes you wear
  6. he protects you more than you know
  7. he doesn't want to be with you all the time but you're always in his mind
  8. he often hides things that he thinks might hurt you
  9. he tries hard to be sweet even sometimes it looks stupid
  10. even he talks about a hot model in front of you, you're still the best for him
  11. when he tells you a secret, it means you mean the world to him
  12. he likes you because you are like his mother
  13. he doesn't like to see us with ANY other guy
  14. he knows few secrets about you that you never told him
  15. he often dreams about your future
  16. he gives you what he can do best, like writing songs, poets, or even drawings
  17. his heart is broken if he makes you cry
  18. sometimes he does cruel things, but he knows it's better for you
  19. when he gets mad, everything that he says is really from the heart
  20. when he says he loves you forever and ever, he'll prove it