Saturday, June 19, 2010


i'm not a good writer
i can't say this to you face to face
but i just want you to know

that you're the one who filfulled my heart this past few years, you're not like my date, you're better than that

you're my friend

because friends don't break up, friends don't fight about unreplied texts, friends don't get jealous, friends don't cheat

friends can force themselves to be the one they never were for you
friends will try to wipe your tears when you cry even if they think you're such a cry baby
friends do things you never expected, good or bad

do you remember the times we fight
when you lose your pen and you annoys the whole class? when you .... i don't know. when we fight for no reason.
but we can laugh together the next minute

it's too precious to let go, i didn't know we didn't have enough time to be together. i can't forget the things we learnt together. those stupid algebras and poems, that band that really screwed up. lol.

i didn't know i would find someone like you. the one who loves me the way i am.

the funny thing is; i nearly cry now. you're so stupid and talkative and silly but i can cry for you. this is totally a mess. and anyways, it's not like we're separated forever. i'm not dying, you're not dying.
it's just hard to pass these days without you like we used to do.

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