Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Ride

uhm actually i don't really know where to start.

today I joined a competition -ramadhan stuff- and it needed a basket but none of us had it at home. we almost used a plastic box hahaha but i hadn't given any effort so in the morning my friends gave me something to do which was going to the fruit shop to buy a basket. so here's the story.
i went to the fruit shop with my friend, which was a guy. his name was *piiip*. he had a bike so we went there by bike so it would cost cheaper. i was so nervous you know, but it wasn't because i liked him but because I WAS AFRAID IF WE WOULD GET ACCIDENT, THE COPS WILL ARREST US, or else because it was my very first time riding bike with a friend -i usually ride bike with dad-.
at the traffic lamp in front of the school, the lamp turned red when we almost passed -AAAH!- so we had to stop, in front of many women cops. she suddenly said "nah gitu dong, pake helm dua-duanya." which meant "yea that's right, you should be always like that, both of you must always wear helmet." DANG!!! i couldn't let out any words but luckily he said "oh yeah, we're always like this." and then the cop asked, "have you got your lisence?" then he said, "nah but the school is looking forward it." and then the lamp turned green so shuuuu we gone. lol he answered well, if he answered it wrong he might be caught or asked to pay haha.

but anyways we got there safely and got back to the school safely too, even the fruit shop was still closed hahah.

and anyway, i have a crush on someone on 11th grade. he played guitar on the stage today. AAAAAAAAAAA D: he was soooooo freakinnn awesome i couldn't stop staring at him hahaha :D.

over all, TODAY ROCKS!!!

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