Sunday, October 17, 2010

iHate Those Who...........

just wanna say;

  • i hate those who like showing up like hey i can do this i can do that, i have this, i've ever been to blah blah, i mean, you're not the greatest though.
  • i hate those who like to stalk. STALKers MAN!!! i mean like a boy who stalks his EX gf's twitter or facebook.... that's so oh-puh-lease sad. life goes on, face it, drop it, leave it man.
  • i hate those who complain too much. like she's the saddest one on earth. like she has nothing to do in this life. duh.
  • i hate those who talk behind my back. got a problem? face me.
  • i hate those who's taking me unseriously. i'm humorous, i know. but i'm serious sometimes. yea just sometimes, eh.
  • i hate those who don't appreciate me. this is clear.
p.s: with offense

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