Saturday, June 4, 2011


Have you ever met someone who’s so attractive and she looks just perfect? Then slowly but surely she turns out to be someone you never imagined she might’d been?

I have this friend of mine. At first i thought she was so happy. She laughs all the time, makes fun of everything excited about silly things. She’s smart and dilligent, beautiful, and she mingles with everyone, from band boys to geeks, from seniors to juniors, girls to boys. She acts friendly to everyone, lets them tell her their secrets and gives them solutions about it. Short speaking, a guy would be completely crazy not to like her.
And I was one of them. I told her whole story about a guy (who I used to like but one day I met him and suddenly the day ended up by me feeling nothing), how we first talked, how our eyes met and he giggled, that kinda things. She’s responding by promising to get me closer to the guy. I was so happy having someone to talk to when I was falling in love. I kept telling her everything.
One day, I found her crying so I asked why. She told me about it and I turned out to be so symphatic about her. I didn’t realize that I was the only one who was. So I believe this quote; The one who laughs most is the one who gets hurt the most. Another day we were talking about a company and she suddenly said, “My dad owns that company,” and I replied like, “Oh, okay, great.” It wasn’t a problem until this day when we were having a chat about a job and she, again, said, “My dad’s one of them.” I just nodded, didn’t know what to say, inside I went like, “ Oh geez, what the fuck is this girl having in her mind? Someone could completely teleportate if he has such hard jobs.”
I also realized that she’s actually having a problem with herself. What I see is maybe the problem that she told me about the other day might be why she’s like this. She has so high expectation about her boyfriend, she likes to imagine things that she wants her boyfriend to do to her, while the reality is so far from close. Guys are different, right? I mean some of em want everyone to see them holding hans with their girl, while the rest don’t. I mean, just because your boyfriend doesn’t want to hold your hand in front of your friends doesnt mean he doesn’t love you, right? But unfortunately she doesn’t have this thought. I admit that her boyfriend could be so hard, cruel sometimes, but I could tell her boyfriend loves her. She just can’t live with the fact that heis shy, she wants him to be what she wants. This is quiet a problem.
Furthermore, I caught her being sooooo close to the guy I had a crush on, literally. She gave me reasons like she loves her boyfriend, there’s no way she would betray me, blah blah. But I wasn’t buying. I already knew that she’s not like that just to that guy, but she’s like that to every guy she knows. No wonder her boyfriend is so hard on her. He just can’t tell I guess.
Even now, I’m still confused who she really is. Which version of her should I treat her like?

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