Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Home

If i could draw,
I would draw our own house
With a front porch facing our yard
The place where you’d read everyday’s newspaper – if they’d still have it printed on paper
Where our kids would love to play together 
And we would smile at their laughs
And i would make a room for you
A room with your old videogames, sports equipments, or else
To give you space to get away from me, at some times in a week
And then you’d know that with me you’d still be free
And I’d make a back porch overlooking the coast, and our room too
So the sun would wake us up and tuck us to sleep everyday
We would sit there all day watching the waves
Smelling the scent of the ocean
Maybe some pelicans would be there too
And we’d talk about things we never thought we would
And you would bring your guitar and sing to me
No matter how old we would be
I’d build a house that’s so “me” and so “you”
Put our stupid pictures on the walls
Pictures that mainstream people wouldn't want anybody to see
It would be in a place quite and far away from the crowd
It would take hours to go to work
But I guess it would be worth it.....
So everyday it would make you wanna go home earl
And think about me all the way home
And if one day we would go apart
The house would remind us of the things we once forgot
The every corner would remind me of you
And remind you of me
The house would be our home, where our hearts belong

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