Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"I'm A Moslem.."

In English class…

Mr. Myers           : So gentlemen, uncritical persons are likely easy to be told and wanted to be controlled by the media.
Austin                   : Like moslems are terrorists!
Class starts to chat about what’s stated above.
Me, to Jake        : You know, I’m a moslem.
Jake                       : You are??? :o :O :O
Putri                      : Yeah
Jake                       : Why don’t you tell Mr. Myers?
Putri                      : Well, I don’t have to…
Miranda               : You are what??? :O
Putri                      : I’m a moslem..
Miranda               : Hey Mr. Myers, Putri’s a muslim!
The class instantly stares at me.
Mr. Myers           : See? Putri’s a moslem. But are you a terrorist?
Putri                      : Pffft idk. Am I?
Jake                       : Oh please don’t say that, that’s scary!
Putri                      : Of course I’m not! Hahaha…


Jake                       : So you don’t get mad when they talk like that?
Putri                      : Of course not. I could hear it like, everyday. Am I gonna be mad everyday?
Guy beside Jake: It basically teaches the same things as ours anyway.
Putri                      : I know, right???

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