Thursday, November 22, 2012


Okay, here's the thing. I've been feeling like i've loosen up too much about myself, like i've lost these things i always had in me. It's like i've been sooo lazy. I've never brought no textbook home to read, i've never spent more than half an hour doing my homework every night, i don't study for tests, i don't give a damn about school anymore. Despite the fact that my grades won't matter anyway, i've just been so freakin lazy you have no idea. I don't make up my bed every morning, i don't unplug my cords after i'm done! I can't get shit done, i'm 2 weeks away from my first presentation and i have no idea what i'm gonna talk about. Sounds stupid but everything's just been too easy and too much pressure has been lifted off my shoulders i'm flying so high. It is supposed to be hard for me, right? I can't even recall small things i used to care about anymore. I wish it's just because i'm here and everything's too easy, and when i get home i will get back that thing i had in me. Have in me. Or else my ass is gonna be in huge trouble.

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