Born and raised in Bogor, Jawa Barat. Used to live in Puri Nirwana II, Cibinong for 7 years but then moved to Ciapus for 2 years and ended up in Ciomas, until now.

Used to go to SD Negeri Polisi 4, SMP Negeri 4, and took classes at LIA for 5 years. 

Currently living in Salem, Missouri, USA as one of the 80 YES scholars. 

Going to continue her studies in SMA Negeri 1 Bogor as soon as she gets back, have a year to prepare getting into the college she wants which is University of Indonesia for its International Relation. Can hardly wait for college life.

One small part in the great OSIS Smansa family since 2010. Considers herself loyally served OSIS Pionir 10-11 as its Web Public Relation and OSIS Cakrawala 11-12 as its Prime Treasurer. Had amazing times working hard losing weight mostly seeking money for the organization to run its programs during the periods. Well-known for that.


Proud daughter of a working dad, Erwin Adiwibawa, and a stay-at-home mom, Feby Sharlianty, and a proud sister of an extremely attractive growing-up boy named Rangga Aryasenaputra Adikharisma.


Dares to dream to get a job in a multi-national company so she can travel and have fun while working.

Reads only when she feels like it.

Loves public speaking. Loves laughing and jokes. Loves music and singing. Loves arts and crafts.

If she wanted something so bad, you'd have no idea how hard she'd work to get it.

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